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The current Pensioner was inaugurated on May 8, 1953 after putting the first stone only the previous year on the same day and month (May 8, 1952).

It was a race against time masterfully conducted by the Gambogi of Pisa and direct daily by Mons. Estivi with the indispensable help of Mons. Battaglini. Were concentrated all available energies and ended up at a cost of 120 million of which 60 paid immediately and the other with a mortgage that closed in 1975.

This was in response to a need and a dream: the dream to accompany students from middle school to graduate in a continuous context of familiarity, friendship in an environment that could also help the training staff and the individual Christian, the need for respond to an increasing demand for many students from every part of Italy sought the opportunity to study in Pisa attending the faculty of engineering and physics, which Galileo Galilei was an outstanding precursor.

Pupils increased exponentially: from 35 to 50, to 90 to 100 to 220 of the 1990/91 when the doors opened at the School S. Anna for a collaboration aimed at further development of both.

The Toniolo did not arise as an island. It was the offshoot of an Institute that was open to young people since 1784 at the site of the former Dominican convent of S. Catherine of Alexandria. The Grand Duke Peter Leopold the doors of the Seminary were opened to those who wished to study without necessarily embrace the ecclesiastical state.

Intuition that in the 3 centuries and development has had great results.

Pensioner is in operation since 1962, picking up the legacy of the College of St. Catherine founded in 1784 by the will of the Diocese of Pisa. He wants to offer young people a place suitable for their professionalism, dignity and equipment.

college toniolo

THE Pensioner is entitled to the Blessed Giuseppe Toniolo, university professor, sociologist great, great Christian was chosen as a model for all those who wish to follow the doctrine and life.
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